Welcome to The Barkin’ Barber, where we consider the care of your best friend our priority. No matter what size, shape, colour, or breed, we believe your dog deserves the best!

Your pet is guaranteed undivided attention whilst in the care of The Barkin' Barber and will be handled with confidence in a firm, tender and reassuring manner.

When Stue arrives at your home he'll spend a few minutes making friends with your dog whilst a grooming plan is discussed before going to the freshly prepared trailer. Fresh towels are always used, and all equipment is disinfected between each client.

Your dog will be washed using specialist shampoos and conditioners in a fresh water bath. Flea rinse is available if requested and we can bath your dog in shampoo provided by your vet if you wish.

At The Barkin' Barber, we always put in whatever it takes to ensure you and your pet are happy with the service provided.

Meet the team

Amber - Chief Executive Officer

Often referred to as the captain in the office, Amber likes to run a tight ship.

Ziva - Executive Director

Ziva specialises in human resources and ensures staff reach monthly targets.

Stue - Full-Time Groomer

Stue is the bread and butter of The Barkin' Barber. Specialising in grooming dogs of all shapes, sizes and temperaments.

Alyssa - Bookie and Barkin' Barber glue

Alyssa oversees the day to day running of the business and makes sure everything keeps running smoothly.